How do you take a guest to Pure Gym?

How does bring a friend work at the gym?

When you use the ‘Bring a friend’ benefit you confirm that you are bringing a friend to join your training session and agree to both comply with the Gym Membership Rules. You can only invite the same friend twice each month. Unused invitations can be cancelled up until they have been accepted.

Can you use someone else’s code at PureGym?

General Gym Rules. Use your own PIN number every time you visit PureGym. As it’s personal to you, please don’t let anyone else use it or we’ll have to change it.

How do you invite people to the gym?

To participate in the Refer a Friend promotion you must enter your membership PIN and your friend’s name, a valid email address and mobile number. Entries can be made via The Gym Group’s website (either on the referral page at or via the member area referral form).

What gym lets you bring a guest?

The PF Black Card® is the membership that loads you with awesome benefits. You can get access to any of our 2000+ locations worldwide, bring a guest every time you work out, use our massage chairs, hydromassage, tanning and more**. We even throw in ½-priced cooler drinks. It’s our best deal!

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How do I contact Pure Gym?

You can contact us via email, or social, @puregym on Twitter and Facebook Messenger where we will be answering queries 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday.

Can you go to multiple pure gyms?

PureGym Plus Memberships | Member Benefits | PureGym. Plus members, can access multiple gyms, bring a friend up to 4 times a month, book classes 14 days in advance, enjoy unlimited sports water and freeze for up to 3 months at no extra cost. … Check your gym’s homepage to see what perks are available.

What do you get if you refer a friend to Puregym?

Maximum Referrals: Unlimited

The prize changes regularly but has included some impressive wins – flights, holidays and other great incentives, along with free monthly gym access and discounted fees. They also run regular new customer incentives such as free sign-up, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

How do you talk to people at the gym?

The best way to start talking to someone at the gym is to start by giving them the occasional glance + smile and see if they reciprocate. If this dynamic is sustained over several workouts, approach them respectfully and simply start a short conversation in a genuine way.

How do you talk to someone at the gym?

Make it a point to be respectful of the gym and its members. Engage in some friendly competition – Because sometimes starting a conversation of small talk—especially with your gym crush—can be hard. Asking someone to join in on a partner exercise or even a race on the treadmill is a fun way to break the ice!

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What to say to someone that goes to the gym?

Think of ways to convey unconditional support to a friend or partner taking up exercise. For instance, say, “I love that we can do this together” or “It’s great that you’re able to push yourself while you’re here.”