Do Pull Ups fix winged scapula?

What is the fastest way to fix a winged scapula?

Surgical treatment

The most common surgical treatments for scapular winging are nerve and muscle transfers. These surgeries involve taking all or part of a nerve or muscle and moving it to another part of the body. Nerve and muscle transfers for scapular winging usually focus on the shoulder, back, or chest.

Can you get rid of winged scapula?

Shoulder strengthening

As a winged scapula is often the result of weakened shoulder muscles, the most effective treatment is usually to strengthen the muscles. Our team can guide you in rehab exercises to return your muscle strength and support your shoulder.

How serious is a winged scapula?

Scapular winging is a rare, but potentially debilitating condition that can affect the ability to lift, pull, and push heavy objects, as well as to perform daily activities of living, such as brushing one’s hair and teeth and carrying grocery bags [1].

What causes winged scapula?

Most lesions associated with winged scapula are the result of blunt trauma due to repetitive movements, as seen in athletics. The most common cause of scapular winging is paralysis of the serratus anterior muscle due to the injury of the long thoracic nerve.

Is winged scapula a disability?

Irrespective of the cause of winging of the scapula, the condition is disabling and can affect the function of the ipsilateral shoulder and arm. Also, winging of the scapula also leads to significant cosmetic deformity.

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Can you dislocate your scapula?

Isolated dislocation of the scapula is a rare entity encountered in the emergency department. Two mechanisms have been proposed, a distraction injury to the arm or direct trauma to the posterior scapula. With blunt trauma, a search for adjacent injuries should be performed.