What is the synergist to the biceps Brachii?

What is the synergist of the triceps brachii?

The triceps brachii (not shown) acts as the antagonist. The brachioradialis and brachialis are synergist muscles, and the rotator cuff (not shown) fixes the shoulder joint allowing the biceps brachii to exert greater force.

What is the synergist of the brachialis?

The brachioradialis is synergistic with the brachialis and biceps brachii; the triceps brachii and anconeus are antagonistic.

What are synergists?

Synergists are chemicals that make insecticide ingredients more effective at killing pests. They generally are low in toxicity for humans. … ‘ Common insecticide synergists include piperonyl butoxide and MGK-264 (n-octyl bicycloheptane dicarboximide).

What is the synergist of elbow flexion?

Biceps brachii and brachioradialis act as synergists when producing an elbow flexion torque, but can be synergists or antagonists when exerting a torque about the pronation–supination axis of the forearm (Gielen and van Zuylen 1986; Buchanan et al.

What is the term for the biceps brachii during forearm flexion?

prime mover (agonist) term for the biceps brachii during forearm flexion. synergist. term that describes the relation of brachioradialis to biceps brachii during forearm flexion. antagonist.

What is the synergist of masseter?

The medial pterygoid a synergist of the temporalis and masseter in elevating the mandible. It also acts with the lateral pterygoid to promote side-to-side (grinding movements of the lower teeth.)

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What is brachii?

a Latin word meaning “of the arm,” used in medical names and descriptions.

Which of these muscles is a synergist to the masseter muscle?

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What is the insertion of the temporalis? Coronoid process and ramus of mandible
Name muscle that closes the eye. Obicularis oculi
What is the action of the sternocleidomastoid? Rotates and flexes head
What muscle is a synergist with the masseter? Temporalis