You asked: Has worked out meaning?

Has been worked out meaning?

transitive to find a satisfactory way of doing something. An international peace plan has been worked out. Synonyms and related words. To successfully deal with a problem or difficulty.

What do you mean by worked it out?

to work it out: to figure it out, to resolve it, to understand it; to come to an agreement.

How things worked out meaning?

phrasal verb. If a situation works out well or works out, it happens or progresses in a satisfactory way. Things just didn’t work out as planned. [

What does work out mean?

1 : a practice or exercise to test or improve one’s fitness for athletic competition, ability, or performance. 2 : a test of one’s ability, capacity, stamina, or suitability. 3 : an undertaking or plan intended to resolve a problem of indebtedness especially in lieu of bankruptcy or foreclosure proceedings.

What’s another way to say worked out?

What is another word for worked out?

discovered devised
decided hammered out
ground out started up
thrashed out ran up
cobbled together determined
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How do you say work out?

Synonyms & Antonyms of worked out

  1. answered,
  2. broke,
  3. cracked,
  4. doped (out),
  5. figured out,
  6. puzzled (out),
  7. resolved,
  8. riddled (out),

What does I hope it works out mean?

Hope you will succeed.

Hope it works out for you. = I wish you well.

What does worked up mean?

: very angry, excited, or upset about something.

What didn’t work out for you really worked out for you meaning?

This sentence means that things didn’t happen correctly. I was trying to buy a new car, but things didn’t work out. Things don’t work out because you don’t put too much effort.

Where do you work out of meaning?

“Working out of the office” usually means working somewhere else, either home, a hotel, another location, etc. There is a difference between “the office” (general), and a specific office such as “the New York office.”

How is it working out for you meaning?

it means that someone is asking if something is going good for someone. if used in a sarcastic way, you can usually tell by tone and is usually used if the one saying it does not think the other should be doing something, or a reason similar. See a translation.

What is the difference between work and work out?

Work: Working to do something like a job or chore. “work” is usually a job. for example, “I work in a bank.” “work out” means “to go to the gym”.