What separates the lateral and medial heads of the triceps?

Where does lateral head of triceps attach?

The lateral head of the Triceps brachii, one of three heads of the muscle, originates from the humerus, superior to the radial groove to insert on the olecranon process.

What is the Triceps brachii medial head?

The medial head of the Triceps brachii arises from inferior two thirds of humerus to insert, along with the other two heads of the triceps, on the olecranon of the ulna.

What head is the lateral most head of the Triceps brachii?

Medial head – posteriorly on the shaft of the humerus below the radial groove. Lateral head – posteriorly on the humerus, above the radial groove.

What nerve innervates the triceps brachii?

Innervation of the triceps brachii muscle by the ulnar nerve has important clinical and surgical implications. Keywords: medial head of triceps; triceps brachii; ulnar nerve.

What nerve runs through tricep?

The triceps brachii muscle is the sole muscle occupying the posterior compartment of the upper arm and is innervated by the radial nerve (C6–C8). It is composed of three tendinous origins: the long, lateral, and medial heads. The long head originates at the infraglenoid tuberosity of the scapula.

Where do the triceps attach to?

It extends downward and inserts on (attaches to) the upper part of the ulna, in the forearm. Its major action is extension of the forearm upon the elbow joint, in opposition to the biceps brachii.

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What is triceps brachii?

Introduction. The triceps brachii is a large, thick muscle on the dorsal part of the upper arm. It often appears as the shape of a horseshoe on the posterior aspect of the arm. The main function of the triceps is the extension of the elbow joint.

What are the 3 heads of the triceps?

Triceps brachii (TB) is the largest arm muscle responsible for elbow extension and horizontal arm abduction and also participates as an antagonist muscle during elbow flexion (Hussain et al., 2018). This muscle comprises three heads, namely, the long, lateral and medial heads.