Question: Do you have to be fit to work at Planet Fitness?

How much do Planet Fitness employees get paid?

Planet Fitness Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Customer Service Representative (CSR) Range:$8 – $15 Average:$11
Fitness Instructor Range:$8 – $27 Average:$14
Fitness Trainer Range:$9 – $28 Average:$15
Front Desk Clerk Range:$8 – $13 Average:$10

Is it fun to work at Planet Fitness?

Pretty fun

We were all like a family and it was super fun. However, planet fitness as a company needs to pay everyone more. Your employees do a lot and we need money to live. Most of us had to work two jobs and go to school so it would be nice to have compensation.

How long is Planet Fitness orientation?

Orientation: If you’re new to fitness training and want to learn about exercise equipment and programming, this session is for you. 30-Minute Express Circuit: You will be led through a fast-paced, full-body workout in just 30 minutes that combines strength and cardio for a fun and rewarding experience.

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What qualifications do you need to work at a gym?

A high school diploma is the main qualification. First-line supervisors coordinate the activities of trainers, assign them activities and determine their schedules. Experience as a fitness worker is usually required, and many have at least an associate’s degree.

What do I wear to an interview at a gym?

Make sure that you don’t wear jeans in the interview. A tight-fitted skirt with a shirt or t-shirt will also go, as it will give an impressive look to the interviewer. A woman must take care to wear something that covers her entire body. No cut sleeves and shorts are allowed in a gym interview.

How much does Planet Fitness pay for overnight?

The typical Planet Fitness Overnight salary is $11 per hour. Overnight salaries at Planet Fitness can range from $10 – $13 per hour. This estimate is based upon 5 Planet Fitness Overnight salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Do Planet Fitness employees get a free membership?

What Are The Employee Benefits Of Planet Fitness? There are numerous benefits provided by Planet Fitness to their employees. … They also get a free gym membership, along with a black card which they can use to access any of the Planet Fitness branches across the country!

Does Planet Fitness pay weekly?

Pay schedule of planet fitness

At planet fitness, you get paid every other week. That is biweekly. All employees get paid on the 15th and 30th of each month. All planet fitness employees are paid hourly and receive their Paycheck every two weeks.

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What do Planet Fitness employees wear?

For MSRs: Planet Fitness staff tee or long sleeve and PF sweater or jacket that you get after a month or so. Khaki pants and dress shoes. Managers is basically the same but they have different shirts. Trainers have their own uniform shirts and can wear black sweatpants.

Can you wear sports bra at Planet Fitness?

Maybe I shouldn’t feel surprised. After all, this is the same gym where, according to the dress code, “women can’t wear sport bras as their only top, and their tank tops should not be overly revealing.” There’s no language about restrictions on men.

Do u have to wear a mask at Planet Fitness?

Currently, all Planet Fitness employees are required to wear masks. … “As we continue to face the COVID-19 pandemic, amid an ongoing global health crisis, wellness has never been as essential to our collective community as it is today,” said Chris Rondeau, Chief Executive Officer at Planet Fitness.

Is there a dress code at Planet Fitness?

What’s the dress code? We’re all for people expressing themselves, but do ask that clothing that may be perceived as intimidating, revealing, or offensive not be worn in the club. We also do not allow clothing that may present safety hazards or damage equipment.

Whats it like to work at Planet Fitness?

Easy relaxed work environment

The service desk at Planet Fitness is very chill, you mostly just hang out behind the desk and interact with the members. … The biggest issue I had here was boredom because I would be standing behind the desk looking for things to do for hours on end.

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How can I get a gym job with no experience?

For most people starting off in the fitness industry, getting certified is the best first step. Many gyms are willing to hire certified trainers with no experience for entry-level positions. There are a lot of other reasons to start with a certification: Many employers require certification for trainers.