Frequent question: What should I keep in my gym locker?

What goes in a gym locker middle school?

Middle School Locker Kit List

  1. Toothpaste.
  2. Toothbrush.
  3. Mints.
  4. Floss.
  5. Pads, Pantiliners or Tampons.
  6. Hairbrush or comb.
  7. Bobby pins or hair ties.
  8. Deodorant.

What should I keep in my college locker?

20 Things You Really Need in Your Locker

  • A spare pair of tights or socks.
  • An umbrella, beanie hat or folding poncho.
  • A mirror.
  • A toothbrush, floss or breath mints (or all three)
  • Other personal hygiene items.
  • Sunscreen.
  • A favourite paperback.
  • Enough money for a bus fare.

What should a girl keep in her locker?

10 style essentials to keep in your locker

  • A cardigan. It’s good to keep a cardigan or sweater in your locker as you can put it on if you get chilly during the school day. …
  • Comfy flats. …
  • Makeup kit. …
  • Hair kit. …
  • Stain remover. …
  • Period supplies. …
  • Deodorant or body spray. …
  • Umbrella.

Do I have to use a locker at the gym?

Lock-Most gyms don’t allow you to carry a bag around with you so you’ll want to bring a lock for the lockers if your gym provides them. If your gym doesn’t provide lockers, just bring in the following items.

Can you bring backpack to gym?

Backpacks are comfortable and sturdy. If you like to travel with all your things, a backpack is the perfect gym bag for you.

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Why do gym floors have no bags?

Bags on the floor are easy to trip over and you run the risk of items being lost or stolen. Keep your bag in your locker or the bag holes in the gym for safety.

What do people take in their gym bags?

Workout Clothes

Depending on your workout, some essential items to pack may include: Clean underwear and/or sports bra. Fresh pair of gym socks. Headgear (e.g., headband, hair tie or clip, or a cap)