Frequent question: How can I build pecs at home without weights?

How do you build pecs without weights?

Chest exercises at home without equipment

  1. Regular push-ups. This classic bodyweight exercise is excellent to start with as well as for keeping as a training staple in any full-body or upper-body workout. …
  2. Incline push-ups. …
  3. Decline push-ups. …
  4. Plyometric push-ups. …
  5. Time under tension push-ups.

How do I shape my chest?

To make sure you work all the chest muscles, include a mix of motions in your chest workout routine:

  1. Press using the flat or incline bench, dumbbells, or bar, or seated machine chest press.
  2. Lift using the parallel bars, floor, or bench.
  3. Pull using the cable fly bench, dumbbells, or cable crossovers.

How long does it take to get big pecs?

It takes patience and hard work to get to the Golden Era level definition. Even then, they usually only did chest day twice a week, no more than three. It takes time to really build up your pectoralis muscles to get a bigger chest. Most programs take 10- to 12-weeks of steady determination for a noticeable difference.

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