Best answer: Who is the head of CrossFit?

Is Dave Castro a Navy SEAL?

Dave served as a Navy SEAL from 1998-2010 and first caught wind of CrossFit in 2005 when he started following to support his training. By 2006 he had begun training at the original CrossFit HQ affiliate in Santa Cruz, California, and was soon helping out at Level 1 Certificate Courses.

Does Greg Glassman still own CrossFit?

Eric Roza (left) responds to questions from Dave Castro (right) on a YouTube call with CrossFit affiliates and members to introduce Roza as the new owner and CEO of CrossFit.

How much does a CrossFit Box owner make?

So, how much does the average CrossFit gym owner get paid? The answer to this question is highly dependable on your input and involvement in your gym daily. The average CrossFit gym owner takes home an annual salary of around $ 36, 000.

Is Dave Castro still with CrossFit?

The $4 billion functional fitness empire announced Glassman’s retirement on its website yesterday. Dave Castro, former director of the CrossFit Games, will assume the role of CEO in Glassman’s absence. “I’m stepping down as CEO of CrossFit, Inc., and I have decided to retire,” Glassman said.

Where is the CrossFit headquarters?

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