Are horizon treadmills any good?

Are horizon treadmills reliable?

On their website, Horizon states that they have an average customer rating of 4.5/5 stars. There are many Horizon Fitness reviews listed on their page. For their treadmills, customers noted that the machine works well with their provided exercise apps, which resulted in an efficient workout.

Is horizon better than NordicTrack?

Both companies are leading fitness equipment manufacturers; however, as far as treadmill superiority, the award would go to NordicTrack. Most of the motors are commercial grade which means it’s durable and made for multiple, continued use.

Is horizon a good brand?

Our Verdict: For buyers with small to medium budgets, Horizon treadmills offer good value for the money. The compact T101 in particular is one of our best buys for under $1000 since, although it saves on horsepower and track space, it benefits from other features not normally found in the price range.

How long does a Horizon treadmill last?


Machine Specs T101 T303
Electrical Requirements 60Hz – 120V. Not compatible w/ GFCI outlets. 60Hz – 120V. Not compatible w/ GFCI outlets.
Home Warranty – Frame Lifetime Lifetime
Home Warranty – Motor Lifetime Lifetime
Home Warranty – Parts 1 year 3 years
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Is the Horizon T303 good for running?

Horizon T303 Features

It features 3-Zone variable response cushioning to help reduce impact on your joints. … The T303 features a quiet 3.0 CHP motor which supports a top speed of 12 mph and an incline up to 12%. This is ideal for walking, jogging and running, as well as high-intensity interval training.

Which is better horizon or sole?

The Horizon T303 and the Sole F63 both offer consumers a well-made exercise unit for $999, but even at that price, the quality still shines through.

Horizon T303 Vs. Sole F63 Comparison Chart.

Horizon T303 Sole F63
Weight capacity: 325 lbs. 325 lbs.
Display: Three LED Windows, Backlit LCD Screen 6.5” LCD

Does Horizon treadmill have iFit?

Fitness Apps – While there are fitness apps available on other Horizon treadmills, the T101 is not one of their treadmills which can sync with the Horizon fitness apps. However, the C700 is able to sync with iFit for $15 per month.

Can you use iFit with horizon treadmill?

Pair with Zwift Run for FREE interactive workouts! Horizon ownership cost based on one year of the Peloton App for $12.99/mo for standalone membership. Horizon treadmills are not iFit-enabled. Tablet and subscriptions are not included.

Where are Horizon treadmills shipped from?

All products sold through the Horizon Fitness website ship directly from Horizon Fitness, except for ZIVA fitness accessories which ship directly from ZIVA. It usually takes between 1-7 business days for orders to leave our warehouses.

Is Horizon Fitness an American company?

Horizon Fitness: A Cottage Grove, Wisconsin-based company that manufactures treadmills, stationary bicycles, elliptical trainers for domestic use.

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